About Holy Martyrs Chaldean Home

The Chaldean Home first opened up their doors on April 1st , 2019. Right next to Holy Martyrs
Chaldean Catholic Church, with 98 apartments, two gathering rooms, a gym on the second
floor, a chapel on the third floor and a community based on faith, love and hope. The Chaldean
Home offers activities and events to keep our seniors active socially, spiritually and physically.
Our staff works hard to keep the building clean and safe to provide a happy and healthy
environment for our seniors.

How to sign up:

You must be 55 years old or older to sign up. Currently there is a waiting list. Our leases
run month to month NOT year to year. Therefore, it is hard to estimate when someone’s turn
will come up. You can call the office during regular business hours to sign up on the waiting list.
(586)884-6560 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.


Current prices are as follows:
One Bedroom: $830
Two Bedrooms: $1040
Deluxe: $935
Deluxe Plus: $1065

This is an independent living apartment building, not low income/subsidized. All of our
apartments consist of one bathroom, a laundry room, full kitchen, and living room. Appliances
included, (Not furnished). The rent comes with water only. All units run on electricity, no gas in
the units. So tenant will be responsible for electric bill and cable/internet/phone.